• School Administration

    SMS Management

    The school administration module is most important part of school. Manage school day to day activities is very difficult for the school administration department. eduWare software helps to educational institute to reduce the time and maintain school data accuracy.

  • Admission Process


    Student admission is a mandatory part of any school. Admission module provides a student admission process in four simple steps which are Form collection, Registration confirmation, fee collection and admission confirmation.

  • Fee Collection


    Maintain finance of school is very difficult for the school also fees collection of student is the most important responsibility for the school. With the help of school fees collection software eduWare school management easily collect student fees by filling in a single form.

  • Student/Staff Attendance


    Attendance taking and tracking is time consuming and tiring task in school. In many school attendance marking still performed manually, and there is a greater chance of error to fill student attendance. The eduWare school attendance software makes relief from manually work of attendance fills.

  • Data Managements


    In any organization with plenty of data need to manage in a way which reduces redundancy and duplication. School information software provides user-friendly solution to manage data efficiently on some clicks. eduWare is basically designed for collecting data about concern staff and student in school.

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